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Hager Unternehmens­beratung:
the executive search consultancy
for digital transformations.
Digitization is having a profound influence on our economy and society, and its effects are showing on corporate structures and the new jobs being created. The adaptation of business models during digitization is often labelled disruption. Agility and flexibility are indispensable requirements here when it comes to considering both general trends and the needs of customers.

New business segments and models often cannibalise existing successful models. Such new areas are primarily created in highly innovative teams. Existing and new job profiles are changing due to the evolving requirements and corporate structures.

The success of digital change depends largely on whether employees can keep up. The correlation is unfortunately often underestimated.

This requires a competent partner who is not only familiar with the subject and the specific requirements but also has the essential skills to recruit the necessary staff or to develop them in line with the set goals.

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We have been making a continuous contribution to our customers’ success with these Employment Lifecycle Solutions for over 20 years and with almost 100 employees in Germany today.

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