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By consistently implementing our newly developed 4iProcess® the experts at Hager Unternehmensberatung ensure that every single one of our customers’ vacancies is filled by the perfect candidate. Based on intensive analyses of the collaborations with our clients and consultants, we have developed a systematic approach that is unique on the market and is the result of 20 years of experience in filling a diverse range of positions.

We develop a multi-modal search strategy on the basis of the profile specified in the briefing with our customer. This includes the determination of the search channels to be used as well as the establishment of all criteria relevant to the position and the definition of the search field.
The result of this first step in the process is a uniquely characterisable pool of potential candidates.

To ensure that potential candidates become actual applicants in the recruiting process, a precise determination of the respective candidates’ motives is required. In addition to a discrete and professional approach, this also includes the stimulation of interest and the clarification of why the position would be a logical career move. A comparison with the current position and the corresponding career framework can also be decisive.
But this is not the end of the “motivation” phase. During the following process steps, this is considered further and developed continuously until the final decision is made.

If there is a fundamental motivation on the part of candidates and once they have been extensively interviewed, the various individual skills of each candidate are identified and tested in the qualification phase. This is where we differentiate between professional expertise and personality-related skills. These are identified in a multi-step interview process. To round off the resulting candidate profile, a preference questionnaire is used to provide additional information about the personality of the candidates.
During the later stages of the process, the candidates’ references can be collected (subject to agreement).

The consultants at Hager Unternehmensberatung are actively involved in the process chain, providing assistance to clients and candidates alike. Through regular and intensive contact with both parties, we support them throughout the entire process. We ensure that deadlines are met and agreements implemented.
Feedback loops, sparring and proactive communication with clients and candidates all guarantee a goal-oriented process flow.

Why we are committed to the 4iProcess®
The vast majority of our orders come from long-standing clients. This is, to a great extent, a logical result of our quality-oriented approach. The outstanding results of our work impress and inspire our clients and candidates over and over again and serve to confirm that our commitment to quality more than lives up to their high expectations.

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We have been making a continuous contribution to our customers’ success with these Employment Lifecycle Solutions for over 20 years and with almost 100 employees in Germany today.

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