ABC of the working world of the future


Artificial intelligence means no standards. Structures and processes are defined in such a way that they can be adapted at short notice even to unforeseeable events or new requirements. For companies, being agile means not only reacting to external conditions, but being innovative themselves. There are various agile working methods, the best known of which include Scrum and Kanban, for example.


Artificial intelligence in daily work

Of course, decision-makers will think digitally in 2030. Understanding a problem then means being able to formulate it in such a way that artificial intelligence can do something with it.



In the working world of the future, bots will become career managers, data-based corporate wellness programmes the norm. Perhaps digital assistants will soon be able to assess us better than we assess ourselves?


Without diversity there is no digitisation!
When it comes to diversity, we don't have a problem with knowledge, but with implementation. Diverse teams bring more innovation and better answers to the questions of the future working world.


Flat hierarchies

No executive floors - a modern, democratic management culture is the order of the day. This enables cooperation at eye level and with short decision-making paths.



The infrastructure is completely flexible - working time, place and location are determined in advance - even at very short notice - or booked in a tool. This enables an agile deployment of labour to deal with changing situations at short notice.



Self-reliance is the new normal. Employees set their own performance and learning goals as well as working hours and are involved in the company's strategic development.


Leadership in einer Human Machine World

Leadership in a "human machine world" means leading human-digital teams - with the best of both worlds. Decision-makers will increasingly be assisted digitally.



Be sociable and friendly. A new sovereignty is required: it will be used to hold together teams with diverse and international members in flattened hierarchies.


New Work

What makes a job really contemporary? New Work means a lot more than just plain old work plus fast internet connection minus a printer. Where do I work? When do I work? With whom and how? New Work proposes a broad field of flexibilisation as an answer: Remote work is, of course, part of it, as is trust-based working time or job sharing. New Work also means working and thinking more freely: beyond familiar patterns and structures, in flattened hierarchies, networked, global, cross-sectoral, diverse.  


Platform Economy

Connecting people and their interests is the idea behind the Platform Economy. The digitalisation of areas of life makes it possible to bring them together ever more precisely, quickly and predictably: I am often only offered what I am actually interested in. The platform economy is the dominant business model of the digital economy, from Airbnb and eBay to Baidu, the Chinese search engine, from Alibaba to Amazon. The job market is also dominated by the matching algorithms of digital platforms like LinkedIn. In the future, this will increasingly apply to searching for and finding executives.



Who controls personal data in the digital world? The idea of privacy-by-design is to put users in charge. Privacy protection is integrated into hardware and software from the outset and makes subsequent protective measures superfluous. Users merely release selected data for a certain period of time if they expect to benefit from it. After that, the data belongs to the user alone.



The concept of a professional life coach will work with the help of data. This data will be collected by an app that could be pre-installed on the smartphones of the future. So that when you are maybe 13 to 15 years old, you start to independently collect data about yourself that is relevant to your professional life. This professional-life coach will send messages. " Hey you, I think it's time for you to break away from your employer and find something else. I see your pulse is permanently elevated between 8am and 5pm, something seems to be going wrong at work."


What is it all for? Purpose means meaning and sense. It is becoming increasingly important that what one does is actually experienced as meaningful and significant. Purpose is therefore the driving force of a company and its employees. In contrast to individual, achievable goals, purpose sets the fundamental direction of a company: Why are we doing all this in the first place? What drives us? If the purpose is right, work is experienced as a personal destiny.



First of all, response-ability simply means the ability to find answers. But in addition to purely logical or reflexive thinking and responses, response-ability expands the search radius through additional tools: Intuition, maturity, empathy. It is about discovering spaces for action and remaining capable of making decisions. It is seen as the key to a sense of responsibility. Then response-ability becomes responsibility.


The 6 skills of the executives of the future

  1. Diversity: being able to lead mixed teams
  2. Likeability: being sociable and friendly
  3. Critical thinking: being able to assess complex interrelationships
  4. Artificial intelligence: using self-learning computer systems
  5. Keeping an open mind: Enduring ambiguous facts
  6. Enthusiasm: to pull teams along through one's own attitude

Where will executives be found in 2030? These and other questions are answered in the white paper "Executives 2030", the results report of the future study by Hager Unternehmensberatung. Curious? Download the white paper here!


VUCA is an artificial word made up of the first letters of four different terms: volatility, i.e. changeability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, i.e. structural ambiguity. VUCA thus defines the conditions for future work. The task for leaders is not only to accept this changeable, uncertain, complex and never unambiguous VUCA future world with gritted teeth, but to see it as a playground - to embrace it as an opportunity.