How we shape diversity & inclusion

A culture of equality in the workplace
Our goal at Hager Unternehmensberatung is to ensure equal opportunities for women and men in all functions and across all career levels. But it is much more than that: we believe that a culture of equality means not only equal rights for women and men but also diversity and inclusion in all dimensions. We see the establishment of equal opportunities as a process, and we are continuously developing our attitudes and competencies on diversity and inclusion. For us, equal opportunities is a question of business ethics, but above all a way to further increase the quality of our work and thus the success of our clients.


Equal opportunities is part of our DNA
With our mentoring programmes, career coaching, tailored training and much more, we enable our employees to optimally develop their diverse talents and make contributions that are of great benefit to our clients. Our internal Equality Initiative gives our employees a platform to share experiences and support each other during their development. In addition, it also stimulates the further development of our internal culture of equal opportunities as well as our consultancy profile for diversity and inclusion.

Avoiding unconscious bias
In order to counteract stereotypes and subconscious prejudices, we sensitise our own employees and offer our clients workshops on unconscious bias  Workshops on Unconscious Bias.

How do our customers benefit from this?

We want to support and guide our clients in setting up their management teams heterogeneously. Our goal is to find the best candidates and to generate the decisive added value through optimal team composition.

One important aspect of this is increasing the quota of women at management and board levels. We have therefore committed ourselves to ensuring that 50% of the candidates we put forward for filling mandates for executive and supervisory board positions are women.

Our partner organisations
In addition to our own efforts, we are also supporting several initiatives that focus on the topic of diversity & inclusion.