Hans-Gerd Birlenberg

Hans-Gerd Birlenberg

Contact for the Agribusiness and Distribution sectors, as well as for Industrial and Financial Services.

As the former CEO of a leading industrial company in the food industry, Hans-Gerd Birlenberg knows this industry and the key issues at C-level better than most. He knows how attractive and, at the same time, how challenging it is to work in industries that walk the tightrope between economic efficiency and socially acceptable requirements. This insider knowledge and his experience at C-level make him an experienced consultant in Executive Search for the top management levels. In his function as Business Unit Director he is responsible for the business units Industry, Agribusiness, Energy, Financial Services and IT Services.

Talk to someone who knows exactly why he’s proposing a candidate for your board.

Curriculum vitae of Hans-Gerd Birlenberg

Sector experience:

Hans-Gerd Birlenberg knows the world of agriculture inside out. As a former CEO of an agricultural company, he is deeply involved in this industry and consistently applies this insider understanding to his customers.

Career development:

  • Degree in business administration
  • Consistent career progression up to CEO of the secondlargest European sugar company
  • 2012 moved into personnel consulting
  • 2016 Hager Unternehmensberatung


  • German 
  • English
  • Italian (basic knowledge)