Rhetoric and presentation

When we talk, our speech should be better than our silence would have been.
(Arab proverb)

If we want to inspire people, we have to formulate and articulate the how, the why and the what of our actions in a motivating way. Presentations are like a movie for the mind and not documentaries that are simply thrown up against the wall. The object of our Hager rhetoric and presentation training is to inspire people through the use of words and images.

Work on key topics:

  • What does good rhetoric actually mean?
  • What can words and images achieve?
  • Which information is useful and effective and when?
  • What inspires viewers and listeners?
  • How can we use the possibilities of language correctly?
  • Which medium fits the desired message?
  • The power of nonverbal communication
  • The possibilities and limits of what is feasible

Achieve learning effects that bring your career forwards:

  • A good assessment of what rhetoric and good presentation means in practice
  • Using the possibilities, techniques and limits of rhetoric and presentation in a result-oriented way
  • Many exemplary possibilities from simulated conversation and presentation simulations

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