Board Services

With 'Hager Board Services', we support investors such as private equity companies, family offices and other investment companies in their search for suitable industry experts, starting in the pre-investment phase. With their industry expertise, they assist in the evaluation of potential target companies within the framework of commercial and technological due diligence. After successful takeovers, the companies receive support in filling advisory board positions in the portfolio companies.

The filling of advisory board functions is also undertaken for family businesses. Although not always required by law, experienced advisory boards create enormous added value for family businesses in leading the management team, developing strategy and many other challenging business situations.

If control and supervisory bodies are required by law, our resilient network of executives from a wide range of industries and our many years of experience in working with supervisory bodies help us to appoint the right person for your supervisory board in Germany or your board of directors in Switzerland.

As part of the "Hager Board Services" we are filling the following positions:

  • Industry experts
  • Advisory boards
  • Supervisory boards (DE)
  • Boards of Directors (CH)


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