Financial Sponsor Coverage

The Financial Sponsor Coverage business unit covers national and international investment companies in the DACH region. The main focus is on both the recruitment of vacant C-level positions for the acquired investments as well as support in the recruitment of personnel for the investment companies. We support investment companies in creating added value throughout the entire investment cycle.

With the help of our extensive international network, we help to identify opportunities during deal sourcing.

During due diligence, we guide and support the future owner and management team to achieve a unified leadership culture and identify talent.

In the post-deal process, we help to structure and, if necessary, strengthen the team and organisation in the best conceivable way.

We can also add value at exit through our relationships with industrial companies and other investees by understanding how they think and make decisions.

The Financial Sponsor Coverage Unit includes:  

  • Private Equity  
  • Venture Capital  
  • Family Offices  


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